Adriana Vargas

Producer and founding member of Negras Network, she has been an entrepreneur since a young age whose career has been marked by the search for new forms of expression.

Wanting to herself through her body, she explored singing, dancing and acting for much of her youth. Later, she decided to switch side on the camera driven by her interest in “producing ideas” and creating stories, giving life to projects that become more than just products.

Her vision, experience, organization and clarity of strategic thinking helped her develop a successful career in the area of ​​advertising in Mexico where she has led major international campaigns for international clients.

In 2006, she started her own business c by founding Monster, GC in Mexico City, a company specializing in production, post production and animation services. Working with clients such as Aeromexico, Diageo, Nike, Banamex, Nestlé and Unilever, among others.

With the aim of responding to the changing world of communication, in 2012, she founded Negras Network, a network of collaborative creation with the goal of exploring new forms of narrative and creating compelling content for cinema, television, digital media … and whatever the future brings.

Persistent, passionate, charismatic, responsible, fun (and workaholic in recovery), Adriana has largely forged the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Negras Network.