Juan Carlos Valdivia

Juan Carlos is a director, scriptwriter and producer.

A Mexican-Bolivian, he lives between Mexico City  and La Paz, Bolivia. He has five feature films in his filmography as director, screenwriter and producer: Jonás y la Ballena Rosada (1995), El Último Evangelio (2000), American Visa (2005), Zona Sur (2009) and Yvy Maraey (2013). With these two last ones he entered a more personal, incisive and experimental cycle, innovating his storytelling, the hybrid and performative genres and a very particular way of narrating the historical moment of his native country.

He has been nominated for the Goya Award in Spain and has represented Bolivia at The Oscars on several occasions. He has participated in more than 200 film festivals like Tokyo, London, Havana, Shanghai and Biarritz among others, reaping prizes in many of them; he is a familiar face at the festivals of Berlin and Sundance where won the award for best script and direction by Zona Sur in 2010 . As a screenwriter, he won the New Latin American Film Foundation Award for his screenplay of Jonás y la Ballena Rosada (1994) and an Ariel from the Mexican Academy for his adaptation of American Visa (2006). In 2013 he presented Yvy Maraey at MOMA and in 2015 at the Berlinale.

In addition to cinema, Juan Carlos is very active in all audiovisual areas. He is President and founding member of the Cinenómada Foundation for the Arts, member of the Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the General Society of Writers of Mexico, the Society of Directors of Mexico, the National Association of Actors and the Association of Filmmakers of Bolivia. He is also a teacher of film direction and new narratives at the Universidad Católica San Pablo in La Paz and is an adviser to screenwriting workshops in Latin America and Brazil. He recently participated in the Pixel Lab (Transmedia) in the UK.